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Caffeine for Sports Performance

by Jodie on September 20, 2015

If aliens landed on Earth today and asked humans what our favourite, most widely used psychoactive substance is; it would be caffeine. In North American alone, 90% of people consumed caffeine daily. But why is it so popular? Humans have used caffeine since the Stone Age, when our ancestors figured out that chewing on certain stalks and beans reduced fatigue and made them more alert. We now know that caffeine has been around for so long because it has a multitude of benefits, it turns out it can do a whole lot more than get out you out of bed in the morning.

Caffeine tablets to improve endurance

Caffeine has many surprising benefits when it comes to sports performance. Caffeine tablets are believed to improve endurance for exercise that requires a lot of stamina, so for example distance running and cycling, similarly taking a caffeine pill would have little effect if you were doing a quick-burst high energy sport such as sprinting. Little is known about how caffeine improves performance physiologically, but it was found that it allows you to retain glycogen levels for much longer and therefore endurance is improved during a workout, when normally glycogen stocks would be depleted early on.

Caffeine to improve concentration

We all know caffeine to be a stimulant that improves concentration, and that includes concentration during a workout. Caffeine can increase your reaction times and sharpen your mental awareness. This means you can push yourself harder and get more out of your workout.

Get the most out of your sport

Something that is important to note is that caffeine tolerance can build the more you use it. This is why caffeine pills are a good way to monitor your caffeine intake, it is much more accurate than drinking caffeine. If you are training for a competition, it’s a good idea to stop taking caffeine a couple of days before your competition, so that your tolerance levels will drop, this way when you next take a caffeine tablet for your competition, you get the maximum effect.

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JodieCaffeine for Sports Performance