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Caffeine Tablets: An Alternative to Coffee and Energy Drinks

by Jodie on December 5, 2015

For most caffeine enthusiasts, drinking coffee or energy drinks is the preferred way of getting their caffeine fix, however more and more people are turning to caffeine pills, but why? When you drink a cup of coffee or a can of energy drink, you are often doing so because you want the caffeine, but what about the added effects of the other ingredients these drinks contain, from the very high sugar levels in ‘energy drinks’ to the teeth staining effect of coffee? Here we’re going to look at some ways switching to caffeine pills as an alternative can improve your caffeine-seeking experience!

Caffeine pills are cheaper

Caffeine pills are a much cheaper way to get your fix over coffee or energy drinks. The mark up in these products is down to a range of factors from the other ingredients to the preparation time, as well as the enjoyment factor of a tasty drink. However, when all you want is the caffeine, why waste your time and money (and health) drinking it!? sells packs of 50mg caffeine pills starting at only £1.20 and packs of 200mg caffeine pills starting at £1.90. Packs start at a sample size of 10 tablets, if you want to try them out without committing and then you can buy in larger packs of 50, 100 and 200. The more you buy, the cheaper they become!

Suitable For All Your Caffeine Needs

You can have a caffeine pill at any time of the day (although before bed is not preferable), so for example, if you like to take caffeine before a workout, what can be easier than swallowing a pill, instead of having to drink a whole energy drink. Also take a look at the caffeine content comparisons between various drinks here.

You Know Exactly How Much Caffeine Is Going Into Your Body

Another benefit of caffeine pills as an alternative to coffee or energy drinks is that you know exactly how much caffeine you are putting into your body, which makes monitoring your caffeine intake a simple and easy task. With energy drinks the caffeine content is usually listed per 100mls which means you have to calculate the actual amount you consume. With coffee, calculating how much caffeine is in your cup is even a much more complicated task, depending on the beans and the quantities used.

No Nasty Side Effects

Frequent coffee drinkers are known for their yellow stained teeth and you completely surpass this problem by switching to caffeine pills. Similarly, energy drinks are know for containing high amounts of sugar which increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, and while there are sugar free options they often taste different and contain artificial sweeteners of which the long term effects are still unknown.

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JodieCaffeine Tablets: An Alternative to Coffee and Energy Drinks