How do they compare?

The daily coffee breaks as well as turning to energy drinks to keep you awake and functioning in times of need come with a whole host of added ingredients and side effects. Not only can both these drinks fill you full of processed sugar and chemical madness but they’re costing you huge amounts of money! If the caffeine is really what you’re after, caffeine tablets can really help you to regulate your intake, without the mysterious extras. So we’ve put together this helpful infographic to outline the major differences in caffeine content, sugar content, consumed calories and average cost of your coffee and energy drinks vs our caffeine tablets. As you can see below, you can consume up to 200mg of caffeine from a single tablet. This equals the coffee and the energy drink combined with none of added sugar and at a tiny fraction of the cost.

See the infographic below for a comparison of 250ml of energy drink and coffee with a high strength caffeine tablet.