Info About Caffeine

The most popular psychoactive drug in the world

How Does Caffeine Work?

Caffeine effects 3 chemicals in your body: Adenosine, Adrenaline and Dopamine

How much Caffeine?

With caffeine tablets it is important to get the active dose right.

Fitness & Health

Caffeine as part of a balanced diet and a healthy body.

A Caffeine Alternative to Coffee and Energy Drinks

A Caffeine Alternative to Coffee and Energy Drinks

For most caffeine enthusiasts, drinking coffee or energy drinks is the preferred way of getting their caffeine fix, however more and more people are turning to caffeine pills, but why? When you drink a cup of coffee or a can of energy drink, you are often doing so...

Caffeine tablets vs Coffee vs Energy Drinks [infographic]

Caffeine tablets vs Coffee vs Energy Drinks [infographic]

How do they compare? The daily coffee breaks as well as turning to energy drinks to keep you awake and functioning in times of need come with a whole host of added ingredients and side effects. Not only can both these drinks fill you full of processed...

Caffeine Pills: How Much Caffeine?

One of the main concepts people struggle with when switching to caffeine tablets rather than other sources of caffeine is comprehending how much caffeine is in a pill compared to their usual method of caffeine intake. In this list we are going to look at some common...

Caffeine as a Pre Workout

Caffeine as a Pre Workout

Pre workout supplements are becoming a favourite for both gym rats and your casual gym goer. Pre workout gives you that extra kick that will keep you focused and full of energy at the gym, making sure you get the most out of your workout. Most pre-workout supplements...

The Way Caffeine Gives You Energy

While caffeine as a component wasn’t discovered until 1821, humans have known for centuries that consuming certain plants that contain caffeine gives you energy, and that much needed afternoon boost. It was first noticed in Ethiopia where farmers noticed that their...

The Effect Of Caffeine On Work And Concentration

The Effect Of Caffeine On Work And Concentration

Coffee is the most consumed drink in the world, after water, and this is even true in Britain, a nation renowned for its tea drinkers. With this in mind, it is no surprise that most of us use it to get through the work day; one of the most well known effects of coffee...

How do caffeine tablets work?

How caffeine tablets work: the three important chemicals When caffeine enters your system, there are primarily three things that happen. These work together to enhance your feelings of concentration and energy. Caffeine & Adenosine Firstly, the caffeine binds with...

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